Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

This year we are blessed to add Danny's fiance Sarah to our family photo!
Blessings to all this coming year!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa and Frosty Hot Cocoa Treats!

My youngest son went to see Santa a few days ago.  He always likes to figure out whether it is the REAL Santa, or one of his elves dressed up as Santa!  This one he decided was an elf, because the REAL Santa does NOT have blonde hair!  :)
Most kids I think tell Santa just one or two things.  But no, not this boy!!
He had a list as long as Santa's!  Notice the shorts?  It was in the 70's here.  And yes, we have the air conditioner still running in the house.  Wishing it was colder out...then the Christmas season would really feel more like Christmas! 
For Ryan's Holiday Winter Party at school, I'm making the treat bags and decided to make little Hot Cocoa mixes with a candy cane, a snowman peep and a packet of hot chocolate.  I saw something similar to this around Halloween time when they used the ghosts, so when I saw the snowman peeps at the store, I knew this would work out perfect for the kids!

Here it is packaged up with little boxes and snowflakes found from the Dollar Store.  I added a large candy cane, some different kinds of mints, and put it inside a clear plastic bag tied with white curling ribbon.  Sweet and easy, perfect for our winter snowman theme!