Monday, July 28, 2008

Back from Vacation

Disney was fantastic! The whole mini vacation went so well, we couldn't have asked for a better time. Yes, it was hot, but we brought in some frozen water bottles each time and they really worked to cool us off. The first day was the hottest. We stayed at a 3 bedroom resort just outside of Disney and it was the best. Full kitchen, 3 bedroom/3 bath, free breakfast, large pool with a tiki bar. It was called World Quest Resort and was half price that week, plus we got a gas card if you stayed longer than 3 days. WooHoo!

We bought 3 day passes and broke it up during the week. SO SO glad we did that!! We live an hour away from Disney, so on Monday we drove straight to Animal Kingdom and stayed there until around 3:30. We rented a double stroller all three days because we had a large backpack filled with snacks and things...ointments for bug bites, etc. We left to go check into our hotel and it poured rain as we got to the resort, but then it stopped, so we changed into our bathing suits and swam a bit, then changed and went to Epcot that night, rode a few rides and watched the fireworks. Little Man was great, taking a nap here and there whenever he was tired. He loved the rides he could go on. He was JUST tall enough for the 40" height requirement rides and loved them all...EXCEPT...any of the 3D movie types where you had to put the 3D glasses on. He begged to go home during the Bugs Life 3D show. They were just not for him.

Tuesday we got up and went to Magic Kingdom and stayed there all day. We did get caught in the rain, but we had just gotten off of Splash Mountain and right there they had a play area that was covered so we stayed there and rode out the storm. That was like 30-40 minutes. From there we rode more rides, then left and decided to find a place to eat on the way home and swim. We ate at Macaroni Grill and it was terrible. I should have known to walk out right when they said their Bellini machine was broken. College Boy's meal was completely wrong and mine was undercooked, but that was ok. The worst fook of the trip was right there. We had reservations at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (Boma) restaurant the next day so we were excited about that and just took the pizza with us for the kids to eat the next day.

Wednesday was our day off. We slept in, then went down to the pool and swam, and ate lunch there. That afternoon we showered and changed and drove to Downtown Disney to see Wall-E at the theater. Little Man slept halfway through it which was good - he would be awake for dinner. After the movie, it started to pour and storm as we made our way to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Our reservations at the Boma weren't until 9:45 (it was all they had) but we went early and walked around the resort and let Little Man sleep still. I guess since it was raining, people were stuck at the parks so they were able to seat us right away. Sweet Girl and I went straight to the gift shop and looked around, then Little Man woke up and they all came to where we were until they called us to be seated. I LOVE the food here - we literally ate until we could hardly move. Afterwards we went outside and saw the animals on the grounds (zebra, giraffe, etc.). What a fun and relaxing day!

Thursday we got up early and went to the Hollywood Studios park. We stayed there until 3:00 then jumped on over to Epcot until dinner time. We actually had no rain this day! We then left, ate dinner on the way home at Logan's steakhouse, and went to our resort to watch So You Think you can Dance (lol).
Friday was time to come home. Except for the minor sibbling bickering, everything went really well and the weather really cooperated on the most part. We couldn't have asked for a better time. That is definitely how you should do Disney in the heat of summer.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Les Mis

I'm SO proud of the College Boy today! He was lead trumpet in the orchestra for Les Miserables. It was put on by The Summer Fine Arts Program, which is a collaboration between Brevard County Public Schools and Brevard Community College. He acted in Oklahoma two years ago, then played lead trumpet last year and this year. Sweet girl and I went today and it was SO good! Just loved the acting, the singing and the story. They got around three standing ovations and deserved each one of them. Such great singers!! What a fabulous show! At the end, while everyone was leaving the orchestra played "Master of the House". Just LOVE that song! So upbeat and fun. Great job, son!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Cards

Yesterday I went to my friend Annette's house to make some cool cards. Aren't these cards so cute and fun? She is such a talented designer. She should be boxed up and marketed, she is that talented. But then she wouldn't have anymore classes because she would be too busy. She is a Close to my Heart consultant and she designed these cards based on most of their newest stamps. Incredible. So perfect - I think that is why I like art journaling so much, because I can be my sloppy self and not have to worry that I'm not perfect. Like my friend. lol Love her!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Art Page

This is my latest art journal page, intitled "Identity Theft". I had just found out that someone had used my social security card number, and I was afraid that someone was stealing my identity and using it. After many phone calls and credit reports run to see if there was any activity going on, they seemed to think it was just a type-o when someone had put in a check on this other person. I sure hope that is the case! Anyway, here is my latest page. Made with torn paper, paint, images and stamping.