Saturday, July 12, 2008

Les Mis

I'm SO proud of the College Boy today! He was lead trumpet in the orchestra for Les Miserables. It was put on by The Summer Fine Arts Program, which is a collaboration between Brevard County Public Schools and Brevard Community College. He acted in Oklahoma two years ago, then played lead trumpet last year and this year. Sweet girl and I went today and it was SO good! Just loved the acting, the singing and the story. They got around three standing ovations and deserved each one of them. Such great singers!! What a fabulous show! At the end, while everyone was leaving the orchestra played "Master of the House". Just LOVE that song! So upbeat and fun. Great job, son!!

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melissa said...

Congratulations, Lisa - how exciting!! You must be SO proud! I love 'Les Mis', was fortunate to see it on Broadway a few years ago - love the music!!