Friday, April 25, 2008

Back in Town

Well, what a fun and fast weekend! We started it off on Friday flying to Arizona on a 4+ hour trip. The flight wasn't too bad at all. It helps when they show a movie during the flight. It makes the time go by much faster. We landed and rented a car and drove to Sedona for the day and then spent the night there. The Rocket Scientist and I had a great time shopping and having a fabulous spa treatment. The next day we drove to the Grand Canyon, and boy was that a great site to see! It was chilly and I wore my jacket for the four hours we hiked around there. Such a fabulous site to see. I wanted to see some wildlife there, and all I saw were ravens, chipmunks, and two condors. No jackrabbits, no coyotes, no elk. We even saw snow! So funny to think there is snow there at the Grand Canyon. We brought back some rocks for Little Man, which he loved. We bought goodies for all of the kids and they loved them. The next day was my birthday, and we went to downtown Scottsdale and shopped in the old town, then made our way up to the Fashion Square mall and did a little damage there. All in all, a fabulous trip with good food, good fun and good margaritas! yum! The kids did fine with their "Aunties" while we were gone. I will forever be grateful! Love you guys!
Last night the girls went out for our annual birthday celebration. Always so fun to get together and chat and laugh all night. College Boy is coming home today for the summer. Little Man has been asking about him for weeks now, and Sweet Girl can't wait to see him also!

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