Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back To School. Again.

After being off so many days last week, the kids are finally able to go back to school. Both Sweet Girl and Little Man absolutely LOVE their teachers and their classmates! Hopefully this will be a very good year for both of them. I did sign Little Man up for Lunch Bunch once a week. He always asks to bring his lunch box to school, like he sees his sister doing during the week. So cute... College Boy is settling down in his new apartment up in Tallahassee. They didn't experience any power outages or flooding where he was at, which is good, but with two storms brewing out in the atlantic, I'm always worried about where and when the next storm will hit. Keep everyone in the gulf coast in your prayers that they will be protected. Little man is addicted to the Wii. Did I mention that?? He asks to play it EVERYDAY which drives me nuts since he wants ME to play it with him. He asks CONSTANTLY!! I've been getting quite good at Mario Party 8 now! lol

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