Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day of School

Today was Sweet Girl's first day of Middle School! No more Elementary school.  Now she will go from class to class on her own, find old friends and meet new ones.  During registration we walked upstairs and downstairs, reading her schedule and following the map going from her first class to her last, just to make sure she knew where they all were.  She is pretty confident of where she is going, and was all excited and ready to start the day.  I didn't even have to wake her up!  Wow!  This school has two floors, but it is all outside.  Instead of riding the bus, I took her in and got a few pictures of her in front of the school.

Here she is in front of the Media Center. "Hurry up mom! You are the only one here with a camera!!"
She had so many school supplies, I had to drive her in.  She will take the bus home. 
Little Man will be starting Kindergarten this year!  He went for his visit with the teacher today, to see where he is academically, and she told me he tested so high that they will probably be moving him up to the TK-1 program.  I am OK with that.  He is almost 6 and learned SO MUCH in his VPK class last year, I think he would do just fine!  Of course I had to give him McDonald's for lunch after a job well done.  His favorite lunch!
He actually starts school this Thursday, but since Rick and I will be gone (AUSTRALIA!) one of the teachers asked if she could take a picture of the both of us.  I said yes!  Now I can say I didn't miss his FIRST day!  ;-)
3 kids, 3 different schools:  Danny will be starting his senior year at FSU in a couple of weeks, Alivia in middle school and Ryan in elementary school!!  Whew!

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