Friday, September 10, 2010

Australia Zoo

Crikey!  One of the highlights of Brisbane was taking a tour bus to the famous Australia Zoo.  This is Steve Irwin's zoo, the Crocodile Hunter.  It is hard to imagine he was killed just a few years ago, but he is alive and well here.  Everywhere you look they have his image.  Even toys in the souvineer shop!
I made a friend while waiting for the bus, who was from England, and we took each other's pictures.  Here I am feeding the elephant.  Most all of the animals here at the zoo are not wild, but tame.  Including the Elephants, the tigers, the kangaroos, the dingos and even the wombats!
You can purchase a bag of feed and feed the kangaroos and wallabies.  They roam around a large area and come right up to you and feed out of your hand.  They are soft to pet, also.
Koalas are everywhere.  They have tree structures up, then place fresh eucalyptus branches in the holders and the koalas feed off of those branches and stay up in the trees.  I never tired of watching them.  I would say most were sleeping, but some were awake, like this little guy!
Steve Irwin, larger than life at the Crocoseum.  We watched a bird and reptile show there.
This big crocodile's name was Graham, and the trainers were trying to prove a point that crocodiles are very slow to move on land, but don't get near the water if there are any nearby!
Here I got to hold a Koala.  SO soft and cute!  Loved it!
And this little guy was SO fast, I could hardly get a picture of him -- the Tasmanian Devil!  Looked just like a little DOG we have here at home, and acted like him too!


Anonymous said...

love it...and love that you loved it too! great photos & great script....enjoy yourselves

Jennifer Juniper said...

We always wanted to go there, he was always my kids' hero :)