Monday, October 25, 2010

Boo at the Zoo!

On opening night, our family went to the local Boo at the Zoo event.  We had a great time, and saw many people we knew.  A friend of mine, Michelle, and two of her kids met up with us and we stayed for a few hours.  We looked at the animals, ate some dinner, rode the Haunted Train Ride, walked through the Halloween Horrors Trail and the kids got some candy.  Ryan dressed up as a Ninja and Alivia dressed up as a Nerd.  I asked Alivia for days what she wanted to be, and she pulled this costume together herself.  The only thing we bought were the glasses and the socks!  I thought she did a great job!
The Rocket Scientist dressed up as a demented clown, and started scaring the kids.  He'd say things like, "Hey kids, wanna squeeze my nose???"  They ran.

I couldn't find my annual Cat Ears headband that I wear, so I dug around Alivia's hat box and found this beret.  All I needed was a paint brush and pallette.  I said I was a French Painter.

At the main gate, this woman was dressed up as a witch, and had a real snake for the kids to touch.  Notice Ryan wearing his gloves.  Probably the only way he was going to touch that thing!

There were many sponsors handing out candy, and many booths set up for the younger kids to have fun at.  Here Ryan is holding a Smoke Bubble that was cool.

During the costume contest, Captain Jack would ask the kids their name before they walked across the stage.
Which way did they go????

My friend Lisa told me to go opening night at these types of events, and boy was she right!  The tickets were cheaper, the crowds were not as large, we went a little early and got to park right up front, and had a blast!  We'll definitely be doing this again next year!  Happy Halloween!!

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