Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Springtime at the Wetlands in Viera

The Wetlands - Viera, FL
Here in Florida, it is starting to look like spring!  We have planted some new plants around the house, I planted my strawberry pot and tomatoes, and my herbs are growing like mad!  I just love this time of year, though my husband would beg to differ, due to his seasonal allergies!  This past weekend the weather was so beautiful, I took the Little Man to a birthday party and they just so happened to live near the wetlands, where you can find MANY kinds of birds and alligators, all in their natural habitat!
This was the largest alligator we saw, around two feet long!  Ryan was more interested in blowing bubbles than he was in looking at the alligator!
This little guy was eyeing that fish that was bigger than he was, in the water -- a good dinner, for sure!

And this alligator was just about to cross the street, when we came upon it.  He crouched down in the grass, then walked a little more towards the road, then decided to go back into the water.
Ryan in front of the Alligator Safety rules sign!

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Michelle said...

Very cool!!! I am so jealous of your weather!! We had SNOW here in IL yesterday :( My sister is in Sarasota and constantly reminding me of the nice weather she is having out there! LOL!