Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Update and a Blog Giveaway

The kids and I just got back from a walk up to Publix, then stopped at the lake to feed the fish. It was a nice morning - not too hot at all. We live near some lakes and the country club. The kids wanted to fish, but maybe a later time ;-)

Thank you to everyone who commented on my journal entry. I will post another one tomorrow that I finished. I still have not journaled on the page, and I'm still not sure of which style I like. I love the dark vintage colors and I also love the soft shabby chic colors, so I have no idea what my style really is. That is always my problem. I like just about everything, which makes me eclectic. And I don't really like that word, because it immediately makes you look like you are unorganized and love a hodge-podge look. Which I hate to say, is probably true!

Mary, over at wants to get 100 posts by Sunday for a giveaway she is doing on her blog. Just scroll down and leave a comment to participate. She is cleaning out her attic! How fun - but here in FL that would not be very fun because of the heat index in ones attic is literally through the roof and you can only stay up there for around 2 minutes.

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