Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Night

It was Oscars night, and what do we all look for first?  WHAT ARE THEY WEARING!!  There was alot of gold, alot of pale skin and alot of pale colors!  Here are my hits for the night:

Cameron Diaz.  My NUMBER ONE pick for the night!  You looked STUNNING my dear! 

Kate Winslet.  This looked a little matronly on you, but I liked the color and the fit, the nice hair, the subtle accessories, and the pale skin. 

Sandra Bullock.  I loved it, even though it did look a bit like an ice skating outfit.  But the Olympics are over, so you can wear whatever you like, because you are a winner!  The lipstick was a little too dark, but you looked great and it was YOUR night!  Congratulations!

Amanda Seyfried.  Hit    Jennifer Lopez.  Miss
Too much bustle going on there!

Now for the misses:

Charlize Theron.  You know you are a beauty.  You don't need to bring attention to the tatas here!  Even if it did flow down to the train, this just did not work.

Miley Cyrus.  Not enough cleavage to pull off this number.  Too tight and too low in the bust!

Zoe Saldana.  Did you not get the memo that PALE was in??  It looks great on the top, but WHAT in the world is happening down below!?!!!  ugh!

And now, what was up with the HAIR last night???  Here are the total HAIR misses!

Anna Kendrick.  You are young!  Look it!

Sarah Jessica Parker.  They sell White Rain hair spray at the dollar store!

Kristen Stewart.  SMILE!!  This frown does NOTHING for you!!  And neither does the hair.

George Clooney.   My main love...   The long DO has GOT to go!

Zac Ephron.  Oh, are a young cute boy, but THIS is the Oscars!!  COMB YOUR HAIR!!

A few misses of another sort, are Farrah Fawcet, missed from the memorial lineup, and Scarlett Johansson was missed on the arm of her man Ryan Reynolds.  I also think they missed with the Best Picture win.  Never heard of The Hurt Locker!   All in all, most outfits and hairstyles were hits.  I LOVE the Oscars!!  You all do not disappoint!

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Angela Harris said...

There were so many good ones! My favorite was Miley's :)