Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Recap - Shopping and Baseball

College Boy was here for a week, and on Friday it was time for him to leave to go back to school.  On Saturday morning, I made banana oat muffins for breakfast.  Little Man was suppose to have a t-ball game on Saturday, but because of the MONSOON that was stationary over Brevard County, the games were cancelled.  So what do you do?  Go shopping with Sweet Girl of course!  We went out to find shoes, which she found

but also had to have two new pairs of shorts, a new shirt, and something else she so desparately needed
a new swimsuit for her swim practices that she has twice a week.  Later that night we went to church at our main campus to see Potter's Field Ministry do their performance.  They present the gospel while Mike makes something on the potter's wheel and his wife Pam sings. 
It really does speak to your heart.  We have seen them before, but it is always a treat to see them again and again.  The next day we went to a spring training game, Nationals vs. Cardinals.  It showcased the little league teams in our area, and Little Man got to go in on the field with other teams in a parade

It was a beautiful day out.  Of course I forgot to put sunscreen on my chest and neck, and I got burnt to a crisp and a little on my arms.  We ate lunch in the stadium, stayed 8 innings and left.  A very fun and full weekend!

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