Monday, June 21, 2010

A Happy Father's Day

This funny picture just about sums it up!  Dad wore his "PADRES" (padre, get it??) shirt to the Marlins vs. Rays game in Miami and got to check off the Miami Sun Life stadium off of his list, of the Major League Baseball fields he has to visit.  His goal is to go to every major league park in the US.  I believe now he has only 13 to go!  He and the kids went on Saturday night, while I went to work.  This picture describes what they thought of the giant kazoo's they passed out at the game.  NOT SO MUCH!  They said they were REALLY annoying!  But Little Man seemed to LOVE them!! They called them Vuvuzelas!

After I worked Sunday morning, the guys got to relax by watching baseball, golf and World Cup Soccer.  Then we grilled bratwursts and had them with peppers and onions, grilled fresh corn on the cob and also grilled freshly caught SHARK which the College Boy caught the night before on a shark fishing trip! Mix all of that with some great gifts from all of us, and I'll say it was a great Father's Day! 

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