Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Treasures from the Sea

Today was a nice morning to take a walk along the beach.  I love looking for unique seashells and sea glass.  You never know what you will find!  I started reminiscing about other beaches I have been to in Florida over the past many years, and the most memorable are connected to what kind of treasures I found on the beach, washed ashore amongst the waves, just for me to find.  St. Augustine I remember friends surfing, shopping and historical landmarks.  We used to get some shells there called Angel Wings.  I never find those anymore along the beach.  They were pretty, white, and shaped just like an angel's wing.  In Jacksonville, I found a PERFECT sea urchin without a chip in it.  I kept it for a very long time in my room, until one day it sadly broke.  Crescent beach we used to drive on, and we'd find these LONG skinny shells that we would attach to our fingers and pretend we had five inch long fingernails!  In early spring I also remember the jelly fish, washed ashore.  Once I got stung by one while swimming in St. Petersburg beach.  Let's just say I have never been back!  Pensacola we had white, sandy beaches. On Sarasota beach we found perfectly whole sanddollars. On Sanibel island we would find starfish.  In Cedar key we found seahorses.  Cocoa Beach we find mother of pearl, abalone and scallops.  Boca Raton we'd find cocquino shells and Satellite Beach I love to find my treasured Sea Glass.  Of course we would find so much more than this, but this is how I associate my beaches -- with the type of sand it has, the surfing, and the shells you find!

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