Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmastime Memories

Alivia's Christmas Concert started out the month of Christmas cheer!

Ryan and Mrs. Smith at the Science Fair, put on by the Orlando Science Museum!

We had snow here in Brevard County - actually it was "bubble" snow, but the kids loved it!

Of course, meeting Santa is what it is ALL about in DECEMBER!!

Danny made it to Ryan's class Christmas Party -- and Ryan LOVED having him there!
Ryan making a GREAT looking Gingerbread house!
Ryan was a big help in the kitchen, helping me make Gingerbread Cookies for the holidays!
This is one of the bracelets I made for a dear friend of mine.  She LOVES Santas!!
Our oldest son LOVES switching the letters around to spell NOLE instead of NOEL!  grrrr...

Of course, Cookies for Santa are placed out on Christmas Eve!
And finally Christmas Morning, where "all is right with the world"!  Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

melissa said...

Great photos, Lisa. You daughter look SO much like you!
LOVE that cute bracelet - you are so talented!!
Wishing you a happy and blessed New Year!