Friday, May 23, 2008

The College Boy

Last week was a big day for the College boy. He turned 19 and got his wisdom teeth taken out within days of each other. He is still recovering, but is doing better than I thought, which is good. We were blessed to have his girlfriend come over and spend some time with him the day of his surgery. Here is a clip from YouTube of him playing his trumpet in a jazz concert at FSU.

I've been busy with the kids - Little Man graduated from his Wee Three school, and Sweet Girl has a recital coming up in a few weeks so we have LOTS of practices to squeeze in. On Memorial Day we will all be going to Orlando. My dear friend Kelli is having a big bash at her house, celebrating her newly adopted son's second birthday. I can't wait to see her and the kids! Lots to do, so little time. On a crafting note, I've been working on some gift cards with vintage pattern images. Lots of fun to make!



melissa said...

Great to see your son 'in action' playing the trumpet! Such talent! Love that music.
Barret had his wisdom teeth out last summer - it was a rough few days with him. Lots of whinning!! ;)
Have a great weekend and fun in Orlando!


Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Great job on the trumpet! I wish I was so talented! Thanks for visitng me and you are entered in the drawing, good luck!