Saturday, October 4, 2008

Someone had a birthday!

Little man turned 4, and we all went to Chuckee Cheese for the afternoon. Luckily a few of us were able to sneak away to the scrapbooks and bead store across the street. He was thrilled with the games, but wasn't too sure about the lifesized chuckee that walked around. After all was said and done, he turned in his tickets for a big chuckee cheese gumball machine! It is now hid away, since he doesn't know how to "chew" gum correctly. Why dad let him get that is beyond me. lol It was great to have college boy home for the weekend. We miss him already!


melissa said...

Awwww... he is so cute! Glad that the CC party was a hit!


TVTrayArt said...

So cute! Funny about the gumball machine!