Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Fun

Today after church, sweet girl and I are off to see the big HSM3 movie. I can't wait to see which big film this one rips off. The first one was like Romeo and Juliet, the second one was an exact copy of Dirty Dancing, and now this one. I hear it is a mix of quite a few movies, so we'll see!

Yesterday Little Man had a BIG birthday party to go to at one of his little friend's house. Wow, did she go all out and did we have a great time! It was a halloween theme and the kids all went dressed up in their costumes. Of course half of Little Man's batman costume was off once he jumped in the princess bouncy house. Then the shoulder repair I did right before we left didn't hold and it tore. They had the bouncy house, decorate your bucket, carnival games, scavenger hunt, a pinata, bouncy ball races, prizes, pizza, was great! Such a fun time! Ah, to be a young mom again.... lol

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