Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Happy Black Friday!! I was so excited -- Target had their Black Friday ads online yesterday, so we bought 2 Garmin GPS's and lots of Leapster games. I'm SO SO excited! The GPS was the big ticket item I wanted. One of them we had sent to up north for Christmas. Yippee!! I went to Wal-Mart this morning at 5:15, after what I wanted wasn't available online (Leapster for $30 - sold out online). Unfortunately they were sold out there as well. One lady was going to give me hers, but it was pink. So my friend was in line at Kohl's and got me one there with her extra 15% off coupon. I came home around 6:15 with nothing, then took Sweet Girl with me at 7:00 and went back out to Target and Justice for girls. We then ate at Panera, stopped at Blockbuster, and was home by 11:00. So we did pretty good!
College Boy and his girlfriend went to Disneyworld today. I just talked to him and they said the lines were good and they were in line at IASW and it was a 20min. wait, their longest wait so far.
At least I don't have to cook now for awhile. We have enough leftovers for a VERY long time!

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