Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Mother's Day Dessert from Little Man

For Mother's Day, Little Man wanted to make me a special dessert.  Here he is, describing his concoction in recipe format:

Hi!  Today I wanted to make a special dessert for my mom for Mother's Day, so here it is.  The first thing you do, is get all of your ingredients out.
You start with a chocolate donut.  You have to have one of those.  So after church, we stopped at Target to get a chocolate donut, and also a banana.  It also has a banana in it.  Mom vetoed the grapes idea.  Other ingredients include chocolate syrup, sprinkles, cherries and pretzel sticks.
Start out by slicing up the banana.  Use a knife your mom will let you use with her supervision, and slice them into bite sized pieces.  Next, put it in the bowl along with the chocolate donut.  Squeeze a bottle of chocolate syrup all over the banana.  Mom says not to get too carried away with the syrup!  Take a spoonful or two of sprinkles, any kind, and sprinkle them over the chocolate syrup so it sticks.
Next get out the whipped cream.  Oh, see how I just used half of the donut?  The other half will come in later.  You will see!  Now, squirt the whipped cream over the bananas so you have a place to put the cherry and the broken pieces of pretzel on top.
And here it is!!  Present this to your mom BEFORE supper, so she doesn't say she is too full after supper for her dessert.  Mom said this was SO good, she didn't need any supper after she ate this! 

And here we are!  Mom is wearing the pendant that my sister picked out for her from us, and the flower pin that I made for her in my preschool class.  And do you see my face??  That is where the other half of the donut comes in.  You get to eat it yourself! 
 I love cooking!
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


Rustown Mom said...

This sounds like the mostt fabulous Mother's Day desert ever - you are one lucky woman!!

Annette said...

Well, if that's not the sweetest thing. (Get it?) And tell me again why you're not a scrapbooker? This would make the most wonderful page.

Lisa Russell said...

This IS my scrapbook! ;-)

Suz said...

this is just so sweet!! What a great memory!!