Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two Graduations

Yesterday we had a VERY full day with two kids graduating from two different schools and having to go to two different ceremonies!  Luckily we had the College Boy in town to help with transportation and picture/video taking!
Big Brother helping out

Alivia had a wonderful 6th grade graduation ceremony that was two hours long, filled with lots of memories from the past year in a beautiful slide show they put together.  The kids were recognized for talents and awards, and afterwards had a fun time socializing with friends, teachers and eating cake!

Here she is with one of her BFF's
Her GREAT teacher, Mrs. Duschl, which she had for 6th Grade

She stayed for the full day and wanted to ride the bus home, one last time.  All of the teachers line up outside and wave goodbye to the kids! For lunch, one of the teachers ordered pizza and a cookie cake for those who stayed, and they helped the teachers move things from their rooms.  She had a blast!

Once her program was over, we LITERALLY ran out of the door and into the parking, along with other parents who were scurrying over to the other school to attend the next graduation ceremony.  Luckily the Little Man's school was just a few miles away.  One program ended at 10:15 and the next started at 10:30!
This was Ryan's last year of Pre-School!  He is now going into Kindergarten, the same school that his big sister just graduated from! 
7 more years for me!  haha
Here he is in the back row.  It was the very last song, which was OVER, but he wanted to keep the arm movements going.  Too funny!  I think he did this 3 times after the song was done.
After their main program, we went to the classroom for a diploma presentation and snacks.  Here he is with his WONDERFUL teacher, Ms. Megan, whom he had this year!  We will definitely miss her, the class, the classmates and the wonderful school.  It was a fantastic year and Little Man loved every single minute of it!
Unfortunately, not all of the kids will be going to the same school next year.  His one buddy here will be going to another school down the way, but hopefully we will be able to keep in touch!

We celebrated with cards and gifts later that afternoon and had dinner with friends whose boys just graduated from 8th grade into high school, at the Alamo Mexican Restaurant. Fun times and great memories were shared over the years!
Congratulations Alivia and Ryan!  God Bless you and We Love You very much!
So proud of both of you!

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