Friday, February 12, 2010

The Golden Birthday

Happy Birthday to Sweet Girl who is 12 today on the 12th!  Her golden birthday.  We have been planning her party all week, inviting a few friends to see the opening movie of Valentine's Day, then going to the Pizza Gallery for dinner right across the way.  She is at that stage now where she doesn't want me to bring cookies to the class or buy a cookie from the cafeteria for her.  She doesn't want any added attention.  She almost didn't want a cake!  What, no cake?  Of course we have to have cake!  So I ordered her favorite - the Raspberry Elegance cake from Publix.  Yum! 
It is so good...vanilla cake with raspberry filling and a cream cheese frosting.  Another thing she was working on were valentines for her class. 

Yesterday I was taping the candy to Little Man's valentines, and was thinking since College Boy was 4, I have been taping candy to valentines every year since then!  Too funny!  Now, again -- with Sweet Girl doing her own and this being her last year to hand any out, next rises up Little Man!  6 more years of valentines to put together!  ha - that's what you get when you have your kids 6-9 years apart. 

Some more things going on...

The College Boy had his picture taken with Govenor Charlie Crist a couple of days ago at a state funding rally, and was elected to the Union Board at FSU.  So proud!!  He is majoring in accounting and loves being involved with student politics.
The Rocket Scientist just got back in town this morning from San Francisco, taking the red eye flight home so he would be here for Sweet Girl's birthday.  And he brought with him a loaf of Sour Dough bread!  Yum -- the perfect accompaniment to the lasagna I made last night.


melissa said...

Happy belated birthday to your daughter! She looks just like you :).
And congrats to your son too - that is awesome.
I forgot to mention to you that my oldest is working as an assistant to the president at FSU! SO proud of him. He got the job the first of the year and is basically a 'gofer' but he really likes it and it will look great on his resume :)

Happy Valentine's day!!

Lisa Russell said...

Thanks, Melissa! Congrats to your son also - that is wonderful! And Happy Valentines Day!!

Annette said...

What was the mystery oriental food item Rick brought home with him? And by the way, that b-day cake was super yummy!

Lisa Russell said...

I have it here, and it looks like sheets of seaweed! Glad you liked the cake. Alivia had a blast!