Monday, February 15, 2010

A Birthday and Valentine's Day Recap

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday, exchanging a few gifts and having a nice meal out, just the two of us, at Carabas.  These Ghirardelli chocolates came straight from San Francisco!  I'm so glad the Rocket Scientist made it home the other day, in time for Sweet Girl's birthday party and Valentine's Day.  With the snow all over the country, flights were cancelled left and right, but his were fine.  Thank the Lord!
Sweet Girl had a GREAT time on Friday, having a chocolate party at school, exchanging valentines with friends and then having a FUN birthday party that evening with a slightly cheesy great movie and a pizza party.  First off, the party bunch, myself and Aunt Shannon went to see Valentine's Day 

while the Rocket Scientist and Little Man went to see The Tooth Fairy which was playing the same time.
Let's just say the KIDS loved the movies!  haha  The Rock in a pink tutu??  Oh Lordy, lordy....
Pizza and cake finished up the night.  Because it was Sweet Girl's golden birthday (she turned 12 on the 12th), I made up some candy bags that included gold Hershey Nugget candy and gold Rolos.
We let the girls order the flavor of pizza that they wanted, and they chose a Spaghetti Pizza (it has spaghetti noodles and cut up meatballs on it) and a Hawaiian Pizza.
She loved all of her gifts which mostly consisted of clothes which she is REALLY into lately! 
Little Man didn't make it through the whole party.  He pooped out right when his pizza came out.
Happy 12th Birthday, sweety!  So glad you loved your day!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

We loved the Toothfairy too! And the tutu was my favorite part until I realized his cup size was larger than mine!