Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Paczki Day

In Poland (The Rocket Scientist's heritage) yesterday was Paczki Day. My Publix grocery store actually had these VERY heavy, wonderful looking doughnuts for sale in their bakery, all to eat before lent on Ash Wednesday. Click on the link above to find a recipe to make them. Gone are the days when the window of opportunity for savoring a pączki was 24 short hours once a year on Fat Tuesday. Now, most bakeries offer these chubby fry cakes the entire Lenten season.

Pączki are made with a rich dough that has more eggs and sugar than a regular doughnut and they're cut larger, without a hole. When properly made, they look like huge, round baseballs, and boy are they HEAVY! Each one has around 500 calories! aahh! So go out and try to find some or make your own before Easter gets here.

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