Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Recap - The Boy, The Girl and The Zoo

College Boy sent this picture to me on Friday, showing me that he was actually wearing the scarf I made him like two years ago.  I also made him a hat with college colors and asked him where that was, but he didn't answer.  He proceded to text me throughout the day when he got a compliment on the scarf.  He ended up with TWO compliments, so now he thinks it is cool to wear it.  OK, this picture to me really isn't much about my son or his scarf, or the fact that he knows how to take a picture of himself with his phone.  It is WHERE he is taking this picture!!  Ummm...what do you see on the side and in the background?!  Is this a PUBLIC RESTROOM on the FSU campus??  OH Lord have mercy, have I NOT raised you better than this???  Good thing no one was coming out of the stall!!
Can you guess which show Sweet Girl can't wait to come back on???   She texted me this photo of her in her bedroom.  Do you see the blow-up mattress in the background??  Yes, it has been there on the side wall of her room for a couple of weeks now, in case another friend texts her and says they are coming over and BAM it goes down, sheets are on, pillows and blankets are there and it is good to go.  At least the closet doors are closed!
Yesterday myself and some friends all went to the zoo.  A couple of them had never been before, and we have a pretty nice zoo here in our small coastal town.  That being said, at first it was a disappointment and I felt bad.  We went around 2:00 and the pythons were not in their cages.  We saw the new Cheetah exhibit, but the cheetahs were far away in the corner, then went to feed the giraffes, and they were no where in site.  There were SO MANY people there since this was the first weekend all year where the temps were in the 70's, so the wait for the kayaking was hours long so we couldn't do that either.  But all was not lost -- we got to feed the birds, then we came across this guy up above.  I have no clue what kind of prehistoric animal this thing represents, but it was the funniest looking bird I have ever seen! 
We saw the alligators and were there in time to see them being fed.  The girl was on the platform on the other side, where us spectators were, and she banged the pole to call them.  I'm telling you, all of a sudden came out THE biggest alligator I have ever seen!  He was 13 ft. long and weighed a ton, but he hoisted himself up and ate the meat off of the stick she held out.  His name was Humphrey and he was pretty impressive!
Here is a small group of them. 
One of my favorite things to see:  It is hard to see here, but it is a Sandhill Crane on her nest of two eggs.  Well, it may be the male about to sit on the eggs, I forget.  But we have them by my house also, and when these little guys hatch, they are SO cute to see with their parents walking around!  You can tell spring is in the air when you see this.  Hopefully the weather will remain mild, but I think it is suppose to get cold again by the end of this week.  Sweet girl was sick so I had to take her to the doctor yesterday to get her on antibiotics.  Little Man earned enough money to go to Target and buy some more Bakugan traps, but they were out of those so he settled on some cool Bakugan balls that he didn't have.  Boys and their toys!! 


Jennifer Juniper said...

I cannot WAIT for Glee! I loved your list of faves - I have a party posting Thursday to link up your own list of faves if you're interested?

melissa said...

HA .. I think he is sweet to take his picture in the scarf that you made him - even if it was taken in a public restroom! ;)
You have to remember with 3 boys, not much phases me!!
I am in awe over that scarf - you knitted it?? WOW, with the letters and all?
Barret has a simular one, but he bought it at the FSU book store!

And, I have never watched Glee, but heard it's good. I never watch any tv though,. Haven't even watched any of the Olympics :(

Lisa Russell said...

No, I wish I could knit! It was just printed fleece. ;-)