Sunday, January 10, 2010

It is FREEZING outside!

Just made my trip home from church and Target, and man it is FREEZING outside!  The highs today is suppose to only get to around 49 degrees!  I looked in my closet and I only have 1 pair of dressy long pants and 1 sweater.  That is it!  I have a few long sleeved casual shirts and a few pairs of jeans, but anything dressy pertaining to winter, I don't have.  Thank goodness for my leather coat!  I hope everyone is keeping warm.  We're all staying inside today to watch Chronicles of Narnia and tonight we are watching Julie & Julia.  I just picked it up from Target.  A and I saw it at the Theater and just LOVED Meryl Streep's performance in it! I already have Julia Child's cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  I have a vintage copy from 1969 that I picked up at our local Angels in the Attic store a couple of years ago.  Maybe I will try to attempt a recipe out of it this week!  We'll see.  ;-)

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Julie Collings said...

such a darling movie. i am with you, i just wanted to cook and eat everything rich and decadent after watching.
um, 49 degrees, i could totally handle that right now. january is the ice and snow month. i have a closet bursting with vintage wool coats...