Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My FAVORITE laundry spot treater

Well, after many years of seaching for the CONCENTRATED liquid zout cleaner, I think I have finally found it!  I used to be able to find it at Walgreens, Eckerds or Wal-Mart, but now all you can find is the spray, which in my opinion is NOT as good as the concentrated liquid...but after a few searches, I have found it online at Ace Hardware Superstores, and at a place called BIC Warehouse.  We have an Ace Hardware right around the corner, so I'm going to go there tomorrow and check out if they carry it.  If not, then the ONLINE store it is!  WooHoo!  I'm so excited to finally find it because I have been coveting every last drop in my "blue" bottle (yes, it is THAT old).  I had to use it today to get ink out of my top, and yes, it worked like a charm!!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh, I need this! Thanks for the recommendation!

Lisa Russell said...

I went to my ace hardware and they didn't have it, but they are going to order it for me and it will be in next week! I'm SO excited! haha