Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I WISH my office spaced looked like this!  Beautifully organized...but here is where I fail.  I'm always looking for the BEST way to organize.  How to organize, how to purge, what to purge, where to put the things I is always a HUGE task in my book!  We just moved my oldest son out of his room, moved our youngest son into oldest son's old room, and put two single beds in there so that the College Boy has somewhere to sleep when he comes home to visit.  That freed up Little Man's old bedroom, which we want to convert into a (craft room) small office space.  So here is where I am.  The bedroom is a catch-all right now and looks like a MESS.  So Wednesdays will be devoted to organization.  Here is a post from Stephanie over at Stephmodo.  She posted 5 Steps to Realistic Organizing.  I think they are a good start!

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