Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Organization ideas for a Closet

Isn't this a pretty closet?  I wanted hardwood floors in my office/craft room, but we just carpeted my son's room so the hardwood in the office will have to wait, but I really like this idea of a desk and table in the closet.  Right now I have a computer desk that I am typing on, but I could move over to the small closet and free up this existing space for a table to put a sewing machine on.  Or I could put the sewing machine in the closet like in this photo:

I don't do alot of sewing, but maybe if my closet looked like this, I would!  ha!  I really do more jewelry making these days, and less sewing and paper crafts.  But it is all good, and I NEED a place to do it all!  lol  I'm still purging, which I think is the first step to organization.  The office is getting there, but it still has a WHOLE lot more to go!

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